What Makes Accessible Epub A Better Format To PDF?

What Makes Accessible Epub A Better Format To PDF?

Owing to the rapidly evolving technological developments, the trend of content digitization is making huge waves in the realm of epublishing.

While both PDF and Epub has emerged as the most preferred e-book formats across the sphere, the question still remains –Which among the two is the better format?

Many argue that easily accessible Epub is better over its counterpart PDF formats. And the reasons in support of their viewpoint are explained below!

Why Epub Is Better Than PDF?

Epub is widely put to use in XML formats for creating eBooks. Being a standard open ebook format, it is completely optimized to be viewed across several devices. Moreover, Epub is also considered to be the appropriate format for downloading content and proves aptly compatible with vivid e-readers and smart devices like iPad, Tabs, Adobe Digital Editions, and even Kindle!

Some of Its Undeniable Perks That Make Accessible Epub The Better Format!

  • Epub functions on all kinds of software as it is written in both XML and XHTML
  • It features a reflow feature, making it rather easy for readers to follow the text on all sized devices. The content automatically resizes to fit your screen whenever you look to resize your device screen
  • It is better than PDF in terms of including media aspects like hyperlinks, maps, videos, thus guarantying a better reading experience
  • What’s more, it DRM or Digital Rights Management safeguards the author’s work from being falsely reproduced

Why Should You Look To Convert To Epub Format?

  • For Seamless Accessibility – In sharp contrast to your accessible PDF, Epub eBook format easily accessible at renowned retail sites such as Apple, kobo, and even Amazon.
  • For More ROI – Converting your PDF to Epub format will deliver publishers the convenience of automation. Since the conversion of PDF to Epub needs its authoring tool, that will help reduce the costs considerably by eliminating extra expenses of outsourcing. That, in turn, will allow a more free-flowing and better ROI.
  • To Achieve The Feel Of An Actual Book – Another reason to convert PDFs to Epub is because it presents readers the feel and experience reading an actual book.
  • Converting to Epub Is Easy – In contrast to PDFs, which require specialized tools, converting to Epub is comparatively easier. The only thing which you need to do on your part is to make some changes in the book’s HTML coding. That’s just it!

Final Words –

In this present area, most people, or in this case, publishers, consider the convenience of their e-readers as their top priority. And keeping that in mind, they consider converting PDFs to Epub as the better option for the better reading experience of their readers.


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