Daisy & Braille Books

Content for everyone makes everyone “Content”!

DAISY (the Digital Accessible Information System) is the emerging media compliance norm to enable complete accessibility of digital text, audio and images for people with print disabilities, including blindness, defective vision and dyslexia. It is a new file layout based on an ANSI NISO standard and the manuscript portions of it are referred to as DTBook, an XML standard systematized by DAISY Consortium and the Library of Congress’ National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS). NIMAS is the standard used by publishers to develop the source XML files which in turn may be used to develop other formats like DAISY, Braille, Digital Talking Books (DTB) for readers with special needs.

At mSourcing we work towards making digital publishing available to all and conducive to be used for reproduction of Braille, Digital Talking Book or Large Print formats.

DAISY formatted books are easily navigable, searchable, use footnotes and bookmarks, have “read aloud” and “word level highlighting” advanced features.  The commonly used DAISY players are EasyReader, AMIS, GoRead, DARWIN Reader,  Read2Go, DAISY2Go.

The Digital Talking Books developed at mSourcing boasts of enhanced sound quality, increased ability to use the recording in a number of other ways and amplified capacity to integrate the recorded information into a variety of systems. A DAISY talking book can be used on a desktop with a CD drive and a specific reading program or in a special talking book player.

 “Content accessibility” is our “Potent Responsibility”! 

At mSourcing we develop Audio books for our clients using synthetic as well as human voice. We create narrated audio books using the “Media Overlay” and “Read Aloud” features. Some of our services for audio book production include Narrated eBooks and storybooks, Audio books developed in MP3, WMP (Windows Media Player), iTunes, RA (Real Audio) and many other audio formats.

We have an XML conversion team that is well-versed in DAISY standards and conventions like ANSI/NISO Z39.86, stipulations set by DAISY Consortium. We offer DAISY conversion service to Educational institutions, publishers, libraries, and Government organizations from various parts of the world. We are equipped to convert documents from most of the digital formats to Daisy format. We have assisted many publishers in converting their print material and other digital formats like PDF, RTF, Word, Indesign, Quark etc. to XML-based NIMAS files.

Braille is a system largely used by blind and visually impaired people to read and write. Here embossed dots represent letters, marks and numbers. This format works on braille devices like PAC Mate or Braille Sense

The conversion of text to Braille is done by our expert digital conversion team in compliance to the accessibility standards at lower cost within a quick span of time using cutting edge technology. With our stat-of-the-art techniques and methodologies we are able to convert Braille documents in Grade 1 (words are formed from letters in the usual alphabetic way) or Grade 2 (written with abbreviations and contractions). In accordance with the normal procedure of scan and OCR the text is converted to Chemistry Braille, Literary Braille, Math Braille, Computer Programming, Music Braille and so on.

mSourcing is a Member of Daisy Forum of India and a Friend of Daisy Consortium.