Daisy & Accessibility Services

“Content accessibility” is our “Potent Responsibility”!

Electronics books or ebooks are getting very popular as they can be read on different mobile devices as well as can be heard on the same device. Therefore, visually challenged people who generally find it hard to read printed books can easily “read” accessible epub or ebooks via voice-over feature. Such available digital versions of epub documents are specifically beneficial for people with viewing issues. The usability and accessibility of accessible epub are on constant rise ever since its advent in the market.

The accessible pdf is quite different from that of a standard PDF document because people with visual disabilities can access it. These people can reap the benefit of assistive technology to read the accessible pdf through text-to-speech feature.

Our Daisy & Accessibility services are currently focused on the following disciplines:

  • Accessible PDF / EPUB / XML / HTML
  • Daisy Talking Books
  • PDF, RTF, Word, Indesign, Quark etc. to XML-based NIMAS / CenDoc files
  • Alternate Texts for all Images

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