5 Ways in which eBooks are Better than Any Printed Books

5 Ways in which eBooks are Better than Any Printed Books

Post-April 2020, the popularity and revenue yielded from eBooks have risen considerably. Makes sense too. With almost all book stores shut down during the pandemic lockdown, it’s no surprise that the eBook stature grew by a whopping 39% in the months of June in comparison to its last year’s tally, which was approximately $101.3 million!

Moreover, the digitized audiobook also increased its sale by 6.3%, thus taking its total revenue to $54.1 million!

So, it would not be wrong to say that during the pandemic, readers sought good eBooks to kill their time in a rather sufficing productive manner. And the trend continued in the months later too, thus giving involved businesses an excellent opportunity to boost their sales.

While many still believe printed books are the real deal! From a rational point of view, one also has to accept that ever since their inception, they have changed the way information or content is viewed. EBooks consist of unique formats that allow readers to break down the information for a more lucid understanding.

Below, You Will Learn More On How EBooks Are Most Certainly A Better Alternative To The Age-Old Printed Books!

  1. EBooks Are Easier To Update – The majority of eBooks are cloud-based. Meaning, they can be updated anytime. This convenience helps save lots of reprinting costs along with the time needed for the whole process.
  2. EBooks Are Easy & Comfortable On Your Eyes – EBooks are easy and comfortable on your eyes- regardless of how long you plan to read. In contrast to printable books, they come with brightness adjustments and text-font adjustment features to allow easy reading without any eye-strains!
  3. EBooks Consist Of A Read-Aloud Feature – Most eBooks consist of read-aloud features which let readers listen if they are busy to read it themselves. This feature comes in rather handy while driving or when performing some usual chores. Moreover, this feature mostly benefits those readers who have a visual impairment.
  4. EBooks Come With Plenty of Interactive Features – EBooks incorporate lots of interactive features like audio, video, external links for extra information. Moreover, readers can also bookmark a specific page or look for a word quickly using the search option. Readers can even make annotations effortlessly.
  5. EBooks Are Environment Friendly & Allow the Content To Be Shared Easily – While printed books do not allow you to share your content with others, with eBooks, you can do it easily. Moreover, eBooks don’t need paper for printing. And that makes it an environmentally friendly option too!

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