Prepress Services

Our unique Prepress services help “simplify your publishing business” and help “amplify your desire to make a mark” in the industry!

The typesetting services are nothing but the practical method of arranging images and texts on a page to prepare them for printing. This process is likely to include choosing the appropriate size, style, and composition of each text chain, design, and photograph element. Our best typesetting service is expected to ensure our customers’ satisfaction to the fullest. Our Typesetting services are regarded as both a science and art that maintains the right balance between structural layout and book layout design for producing a print-ready book for the commercial marketplace. Our quality typesetting services are something that provides the best look and feel to your book.

Our Prepress services include:

  • Artwork services
  • Copy-editing
  • Proof reading
  • Indexing
  • Pagination
  • Cover design
  • Typesetting
  • Quality Control

Make use of our “Prepress” services to “Impress” your business associates!