Data Transcription

mSourcing is the perfect mate to choose for your transcription needs. Our professionals are well-versed in the relevant terminology to render the best of their services in the fields of medical, legal and Academic transcription


Our best-in-class medical transcription services are sought after by the most recognized Hospitals, Clinics & Specialists in the medical world. We are able to provide you with the following medical transcription services with quality:


  • History and physical reports
  • Notes like Surgery notes, SOAP notes, Progress notes
  • Summaries like Discharge Summary, Clinical Summary & Complete Medical History Records
  • Reports like Post-Operative reports, Paediatric/geriatric reports, Rehabilitation reports
  • Charts like Patient Chart, Diet Chart, Medicine Chart


We can assist you to process huge volumes of legal documents for implementing legal actions. Because we undertake the below activities, our clients are able to better focus on successful client engagement to impart best legal services.

  • Legal documents
  • Hearings
  • Voice notation
  • Client tapes
  • Cross-examinations
  • Petitions
  • Pleadings
  • Testimonies
  • Communication
  • Panel instruction
  • Meeting minutes
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Briefings
  • Examinations under oath
  • Exhibitions


The current digitization of academic material has led to an increasing demand for academic transcription requirements. Our transcription services can be provided for audios in varying formats like AS, WAV, MP3, DSS, MPEG4, RA, MOV, WMA, and AIFF.

Our Data Transcription services include:

  • Various types of Interviews
  • GD (Group discussions)
  • Seminars
  • Discourses
  • Enquiry
  • Thesis
  • Presentation

Our quality “transcription” is nothing short of an “addiction”. You will keep coming back to us